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Check out our latest creation for Dunkin’s Diamonds

Check out our latest creation for Dunkin’s Diamonds, located at Mercato Mall in Naples, Florida.

It just opened last week!

 After meeting with Stuart Dunkin and his team in early October, we quickly understood that he was looking for something different in terms of Design: Combining Elegance and Style in a Modern environment.

The store front is composed of large glass windows and doors allowing full visibility from outside.

The center of the space is highlighted with Museum display showcases on metallic legs.

Sitting showcases on each side of the store provide a personalized consultation opportunity with customers.

LED  lights provide illumination from the front and the back of the display area.

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Combining glass, open space and a restrained color palette, allows the diamonds to shine. Most noteworthy is the elegant and modern combination of museum display showcases as a focal point. As a result this leads the customer towards the sitting showcases. The modern color palette of white and royal blue keeps the store chic and modern allowing the jewelry to be the center of attention.

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