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How important is a sitting area in your store?

How important is a sitting area in your store?

This is a question I often receive when designing a Jewelry store plan. Whether you have a large retail space, or a more limited one, here are some tips you may want to consider.



In a large space configuration, including a comfortable sitting area is always a plus and can have several functions:

– Provide a relaxing waiting area where your customer can take a break and think about his/her options,
– This is the perfect spot where you can get to know your clients, offer them a coffee, and take the time to learn about their needs comfortably,
– Offer a place to recharge their electronic devices,
Display some specific marketing information about promotional offers of the moment, reward programs etc…

sitting-area-in jewelry-store-gianni-vincentsitting-area-jewelry-boutique-jpdesignusa


With a more limited space configuration, you can still dedicate an area for the same purpose and provide a face to face experience with your customers.


Finally, if your store size doesn’t allow you to allocate some retail linear feet to a sitting area, you can always compromise by offering seats in front of a sitting showcase. Make sure that the stools or chairs are comfortable and don’t block the circulation behind.


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