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How to Select the Right Type of LED Lighting for Jewelry Showcases

LED Lighting for Jewelry Showcases.

Selecting the right type of LED lighting for Jewelry showcase illumination is an essential element in effective design. Get it right and your merchandise will shine, leading to more sales.


“What type of LED light should I use?”

“What color temperature is the correct one?”

“Should I use LED lights in front, in the back, or both?”


These are all legitimate questions and here are some of the key elements that will help you make the right decision: 


• Quality, quality and quality! Make sure that your Jewelry showcase manufacturer is using high quality LED lights which will last a long time without burning or changing color. Today, most LED lights are manufactured in China. Like everywhere else in the world, you can find quality products as long as you pay the right price.


• The right color temperature of the LED light depends on the type of Jewelry you are displaying: A warmer color (4,500 to 5,500 Kelvin) is perfect for Watches, gold and colored stones, while a cooler illumination (5,500 and up to 6,500 Kelvin) is best for diamonds. Using the wrong color temperature will ruin the effect you are looking for.


•  Make sure that the LED light heads stay invisible. There is nothing more unpleasant than those aggressive little bulb heads shining right into your eyes.

led-lights-for-jewelry-showcases-jpdesignusaPictured above, the LED light is located to the front of the display area. A thin metal extrusion (necessary to dissipate the heat generated by the led heads) is standing on 2 discrete metal poles, hiding the connection cable.


This showcase illustrates the effect of an LED strip on the back of the showcase display areas.

led-lights-for-jewelry-showcases-jpdesignusaHere the LED lights are in the front and in the back of the display area.

how-to-select-the-best-led-lights-for-showcases-jpdesignusaThe picture above illustrates a showcase with absolutely no LED lighting inside the display areas.

All of the above configurations work perfectly with some slight contrasts and differences. The most important element here is the precise location and type of lighting fixtures placed above the showcases in the ceiling.

The distance from the ceiling and the showcase tops, the light beam angle, and again the color temperature of the bulbs, all those parameters must be fine tuned together in perfect harmony for a striking result.

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